It’s that time of year when hunters are getting excited about the upcoming deer season and Hunt for Hunger is getting ready for hopefully another successful year.  

Hunt for Hunger was started three years ago by David Neier, then a nine-year old student at Daniel Boone Elementary School in New Melle.  He was very upset when he realized that children in his community were going to bed hungry.  

An avid hunter, he made a decision to donate his deer to help those families.  He went on to encourage friends, family and other hunters in his community to do the same.  

Neier went door to door within the New Melle area and began his “Hunt for Hunger” campaign. After contacting the Share the Harvest/Operation Food Search program, they were so inspired by his hard work and compassion that they joined with him in his efforts to allow hunters to donate their deer at no cost to the hunter.

With the help and support of Dan’s Country Meats and Share the Harvest, they were able to process and deliver 1,500 pounds of venison to local pantries who had never received venison before. 

Now after three years 15,500 pounds of pure venison for the people in the St. Charles and Warren counties has been donated through Hunt for Hunger/Share the Harvest.

This year, 12-year old David is a seventh grader attending Francis Howell Middle School. Covid-19 has had a huge impact on everyone and the pantries are feeling the pressure.  

Many people are finding it difficult to provide food for their families due to layoffs or job loss. CWD testing has also had an impact on donations.  Neier however, feels more strongly than ever that we can all make a difference in our community by participating in the Hunt for Hunger/Share the Harvest program. He is once again counting on the local hunters to get out and enjoy the sport they love and hopefully give back to their communities.  

For those who would like to participate, you simply have to drop off your field dressed deer to Josephville Meat Market, 1363 Josephville Road, Wentzville, MO., 636-327-5455. Please remember there is no charge to the hunter. Simply tell them its for the Hunt for Hunger/Share Harvest program.   

You can also check with your local meat processor. Just make sure you ask them if they participate in the Hunt for Hunger/Share the Harvest program. If you are not a hunter, but would like to help, Hunt for Hunger has added another option.  Simply contact the processor and let them know you would like to donate ground beef.  Remember no amount is too small.  It then will be distributed to the area pantries with the venison.

Please consider helping the Hunt for Hunger/Share the Harvest Program. Good luck on a successful hunting season and stay safe!  For more information please contact David Neier or Cathy Neier at 636-299-3291 or You can follow along on facebook at Hunt for Hunger.