Residents in Hawk Point are pre-registering for fiber internet services, with over half the needed number already signed up for the program. 

Heath Sellenriek of Gateway Fiber said the process started about two months ago, and he attended the Board of Aldermen meeting on Feb. 3 to discuss the project further. 

There are over 60 people registered for the service, and Sellenriek said that number needs to be in the 125-range for the company to start construction. 

Hawk Point Alderman Tom Boling said there is a lot of interest, and the city is just trying to reach as many people with news of the opportunity as possible. 

“They [Gateway Fiber] basically just put it in our hands to see if we could come up with enough interest to make the move,” Boling said.

Increasing internet speed would be a big quality-of-life improvement, Boling said. The service will bring a starting speed of 100 MBPS to the area, and offers up to 1 GBPS upload and download speeds. 

“If you’re in a business or a home business, that broadband is kind of the new thing, or at least the obvious thing to keep you abreast with the rest of the world,” Boling said. 

People can pre-register and find out more info at

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm for people to know about it, it’s just we haven’t gotten the word around to everybody yet,” Boling said. “We don’t have a true deadline, it’s just a matter of when are we going to reach that goal.”

Gateway Fiber is still working in Winfield to get its services up and running; Sellenriek said they just turned on their first test customer, who’s had internet running for more than a week now, and hasn’t had any issues.

“Next week we should start installing, weather depending, the service lines to customers’ homes and start getting other people turned up,” Sellenriek said. 

In Winfield’s pre-registration phase, there were 130 people who signed up in that town, and Sellenriek said that number has grown since.

“We’re actually expanding it to a subdivision called Mallard Pointe just to the west of Winfield, the HOA came to us and asked if we would go there, and it just took off,” Sellenriek said. 

“We’re looking to expand to other areas, so if people are interested they can go in and sign up on our website, and that helps draw our attention, we’ll look at other places to expand.”

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