Crystal Hall

Lincoln County Clerk Crystal Hall, right, accepts the gavel as president of the Missouri Association of County Clerks and Election Authorities from outgoing president Rick Watson on Sept. 3. Hall will serve a one-year term as president of the association.

Crystal Hall has been quite busy serving as Lincoln County’s Clerk of Court, especially in a year where local, state and national elections are happening. 

On Sept. 3, however, she added another duty to her already busy schedule. Hall was sworn in as president of the Missouri Association of County Clerks and Election Authorities, succeeding Rick Watson of Henry County.

“I am very honored to serve my fellow clerk’s and election authorities as association president,” said Hall, who has been a member of the association for nine years.

Before ascending to the presidency, Hall has spent the last year as first vice-president, and second vice-president from 2018-2019. 

Her role as association president is a simple one: to be the chief voice of the clerks and election authorities of every county in the state.

“The association is dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of county government, to afford opportunity to the members, to educate County Clerks and Election Authorities in all aspects of the law and procedures pertaining to their duties and to protect the interest of the collective membership,” Hall said.

“(The association’s job is also) to study and discuss questions and laws relating to the office, to thoroughly investigate any legislation that in any way affects the office of the County Clerk/Election Authority.  

“As the president of the association, I will be the voice for our membership in Jefferson City along with other members of our legislative committee to testify and give input regarding important legislation that affects our offices. I will make committee assignments for the membership, and I will host our annual meeting next September.”

Hall knows she will have to deal with clerks and election authorities from different areas of the state representing both parties, and carrying ideas different from hers.

“In a position like this, you have to do what is best for the association,” she said. “Whatever the majority of the membership wants, regardless of personal opinion, is what I will advocate for.”

As president of the Missouri Association of County Clerks and Election Authorities, Hall said she wants to be an advocate for all members, and hopes her leadership will help every county in the state, including Lincoln County.

“With any organization, there is always room for improvement,” she said. “I hope to help the association with my leadership, and provide some updates to our training and mentoring of new clerks/election authorities. 

“I hope to work with other members of the association to educate our legislators in relation to our job duties and processes, which hopefully will lead to a better understanding that could potentially help all Counties, including Lincoln County.”