Garrett as an infant. He passed away months after he was born, and in his memory his family has held a blood drive to help push for donations of the valuable medical resource. 


Despite an urgent and constant need, only three pecent of people in the United States give blood. 

More must become aware of the need and begin to donate. 

The Briggs Family was not aware of this either when their son, Garrett Joseph Briggs, was born with liver cancer, but they are now. Giving blood gives families hope. 

Garrett was born July 17, 2007 and died Sept. 24, 2007.  

He was born with a softball-size tumor on his liver, which was diagnosed as childhood liver cancer. 

In his 10 weeks of life, he underwent six weeks of chemotherapy and had six surgeries; two of which were liver transplants. During his treatment, he needed a lot of platelets, plasma and blood.  

During his second liver transplant alone, he received the adult equivalent of five gallons of blood. 

It became obvious that it was the generous donation of blood products and organs that had given Garrett a chance for a cure. 

In his memory, the Gift of Garrett Fund was created. 

Its purpose is to promote the donation of blood products/organs, to help cure cancer and to help others in similar situations.

The Briggs Family has joined with the Troy Elks Lodge and the American Red Cross to honor Garrett’s 12th birthday with a local blood drive.

You can give the gift of life on Saturday, July 13 from 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at the Troy Elks Lodge, located at 541 Second Street in Troy. 

To schedule a donation appointment for the blood drive, call or text Garrett’s mom, Lisa, at (636) 345-3077 or visit Bring a friend and help spread the awareness to give families hope.

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