The Lincoln County Fire Protection District is charged with the responsibility of keeping the residents of the Fire District as safe as possible. 

The District not only responds to life-threatening emergencies but also enforces codes and standards to keep consumers and workers in the local businesses safe at the time of an emergency. 

The Fire District requires permits to be issued and inspections to be completed in all phases of commercial construction. 

This could be as small as a remodel project to the construction of a new building from the ground up. 

The Fire District is also responsible for the street width and fire hydrant placement in residential and commercial developments. Regardless of where the business is located or how small the project, these rules apply to all commercial residences and commercial sites within the boundaries of the Lincoln County Fire District. 

The Fire District has adopted through ordinances portions of the 2015 International Code series. 

Fire Prevention through inspections and following building codes has proven to save lives. If you have any question please contact the Fire District at (636) 528-8567.


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