Sunday Morning in Winfield, over 100 people descended on the areas recently impacted by flooding to help in a mass cleanup effort. 

The Mississippi and Cuivre rivers are now in moderate, and at places minor, flood stage height throughout Lincoln County, and are estimated to continue receding. 

A report from Lincoln County Emergency Management Director Jim Sharp released Wednesday, June 26 said, “Flood water continues to recede everywhere, and accessibility continues to improve throughout our flood-impacted neighborhoods.”

That being said, according to the report, there are still several road closures: State Highways M, N and P east of Highway 79, all of South Jordan Road to the county line over the Cuivre River, East Burr Oak at Fisher, Sandy Slough from Crenshaw to Lock and Dam 25, Eagles Landing at Pillsbury, Pillsbury Road, Keetaman at the levee, Keetaman at the south end of the asphalt, Twin Rivers Road at the levee, East Sycamore at the levee, Old Highway 79 at King’s Lake Fox Farm Road, Norton Woods Road (Elsberry), Hatfield Road (Elsberry), Chain of Rocks Road just before the bridge.

Breaches remain in the Winfield Main Levee, Old Monroe Public Levee, King’s Lake Levee, Elsberry Levee and Pin Oaks Levee.

The breach in the King’s Lake Levee is approximately 70 yards wide.

Lincoln County Emergency Management is in the process of coordinating volunteer clean-up efforts in Old Monroe, East Winfield, Winfield Acres and Foley.

The Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief has established a telephone number for flood victims to call and schedule clean-up/clean-out assistance. That number is (636) 212-5836.

The report also states that SEMA, the State Department of Health, and the Lincoln County Health Department are all involved in locating the items, equipment, materials, and licensed personnel, where required, for mosquito abatement.

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