Brayden Milos is your typical fun-loving five-year old who watches cartoons and tells on his siblings every chance he gets.

On Dec. 13 of last year, he was diagnosed with acute B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia, or ALL, a cancer that affects white blood cells. Nevertheless, his mother, Melissa Milos, said he is handling the disease amazingly well.

“(Brayden) is very positive. He’s just a normal five-year-old, I think,” she said. “He loves Jesus, and he prays to God every day.

“He’s amazing.”

Brayden Milos’ spirit in the face of his disease was the inspiration behind a blood drive that was held on Sept. 12 at Journey Church on South Lincoln Drive in Troy. Melissa Milos was shocked – and pleasantly surprised – by the large community turnout and support for her son.

“It was a flood of emotion for sure. It was great to see people come to support a child they didn’t really know,” she said. “They weren’t just coming from the church, but from the city of Troy, and it was very powerful.”

Melissa Milos was the last person to give blood at the event, switching places with her husband Louis, who had given blood earlier in the day, to take care of their son.

“I was taking care of Brayden, and making sure he was taking his meds,” Melissa Milos said.

Melissa Milos pitched the idea for the blood drive to Sarah Lavy, ministry leader of “Journey to Health” at Journey Church.

“I had outreached to her because I knew the American Red Cross was doing one, and I wanted to see if Mercy Hospital wanted to do one to coincide with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month,” Milos said.

“After (Milos) suggested doing this blood drive, it kept prodding me for nights,” Lavy said. “Something kept telling me ‘we need to do this.’”

“This was the most successful blood drive we’ve had.”

The blood drive was coordinated through Mercy Hospital. Lavy assisted with the blood drive, and said the event went flawlessly.

“I have to give credit to Mercy Hospital, and to God, for everything going off without a hitch,” Lavy said. “God helped put this together for Brayden.”

Though she was the last person to donate blood, and leave Journey Church. Melissa Milos didn’t seem tired at all, but happy and grateful the Troy community came out to support her family.