Photo courtesy of Winfield-Foley Fire Protection District

Four area fire departments responded to a house near Highway KK and Walker Road after a passerby called to report an explosion on Saturday, Feb. 15. 

Late that evening, Winfield-Foley Fire Protection District, Lincoln County FPD, Elsberry FPD and Northwest FPD were all dispatched to a house in the northern part of the county, with Winfield responding first to the scene.

“First unit that got on scene was the Winfield-Foley assistant chief, and the roof was already completely burnt off and the floor was already completely gone, the walls were gone,” Lincoln County FPD Assistant Chief Robert Shramek said.

Only the outside brick parts of the house were left standing. 

Due to the location of the fire, there were no fire hydrants at hand, hence the large turnout of four fire districts. 

“Wright City Fire actually moved up to our district to cover any other calls,” Shramek said. 

Shramek said the first caller reporting the incident thought they’d heard an explosion, and didn’t know what the cause was. 

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Photo courtesy of Winfield-Foley Fire Protection District

A second person reported that the house was on fire. 

“The scary part was, there was a car in the driveway and a pickup in the house garage, [and] we couldn’t locate the people,” Shramek said. 

Shramek said eventually they tracked it down: the pickup was a work vehicle, and the department got ahold of the owner, and discovered the residents of the home were spending the night in Wentzville. 

“If you see something, call it quickly,” Shramek said, stating that particular fire had a great advance on the fire departments before they arrived. 

He said Lincoln County FPD was grateful for the callers who alerted the firefighters, and for the other fire protection districts that showed up in the middle of the night.  The state fire marshal has been contacted about the blaze, but no findings have been made yet as to the cause of the fire. 

“As of right now it’s going to be undetermined, there’s nothing salvageable, there’s nothing left of it [the house],” Shramek said.

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