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A fire in Moscow Mills over Thanksgiving weekend killed a 7-year-old boy and sent four other individuals to the hospital.

On. Nov. 30, responders got the call that a mobile home in the 100 block of Blue Bunting Circle was engulfed and that there might be someone trapped inside.

“We received a call about ten minutes to two, about 1:50 a.m.,” Lincoln County Fire Protection District (LCFPD) Chief Dan Casey said. “We received it right away that they had a child trapped in the building. You know, that’s pretty devastating.”

He said that when LCFPD responders arrived on the scene, the father was distraught and confirmed that there was a young man still trapped in the building. The young man was Jaxon Noble Parks, 7. Casey said when crews arrived, the trailer was already halfway engulfed in flames.

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“There was thick, black smoke throughout the building but visible flames in about 50 percent of the building. We had fire coming out of the windows, all of the windows on the left side of the building. That was obviously a concern for the guys,” Casey said.

He also said that there were no water sources – such as a hydrant – near the scene, so any water that the LCFPD responders needed to extinguish the fire, they had to bring with them.

“We did not run out of water, but that’s just an avid concern,” Casey said.

The LCFPD firefighters were able to extinguish the fire and perform a search at the same time.

The father of the trapped boy had indicated to the firefighters that the child was in the general vicinity of where the flames were.

“They were just trying to get in there as fast as they could to extinguish the flames and find him,” Casey said. 

When firefighters eventually found Parks, the roof had collapsed and he was deceased, Casey said. 

Four other children were brought to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. Casey also stated that the boy’s father was treated for minor burns; singe marks, from trying to go back into the building looking for the missing boy.

The LCFPD is in the process of examining the possibility of expanding service areas to reduce response times to areas outside of Troy and help limit these types of occurrences.

“We are pretty far out; I believe it was about a ten or a twelve-minute drive for us from Troy. We are trying to get there as fast as we can,” Casey said.

The apparent cause of the fire was a candle; a power outage had occurred in the immediate area, and a candle had been lit in the home as a light source.

“Anytime you have a large fire loss or anytime a citizen is injured or killed in a fire, we call in the State Fire Marshall because they have a lot more resources to be able to deal with that. Their determination was that, the father did say that he had lit a candle for light, and then he and his girlfriend stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, and noticed that the house caught fire in that area. 

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“When the investigator went in, he determined that that was the area of origin, where the candle was. That was the only ignition source in the area. Not exactly sure how it lit off, maybe something got knocked over: they’re not sure, but they determined that to be the cause,” Casey said.

Casey said that his team didn’t notice any smoke alarms in the building and said that the father didn’t remember any smoke alarms going off.

“We don’t know if they were electric only and there wasn’t any power to the building or if maybe they were electric but the backup batteries were dead. We’re concerned about that,” Casey said.

Casey said that that concern has him considering pairing back up with the Red Cross and going through the area, making sure that everyone has a working smoke alarm.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help fund Jaxon’s funeral and already has upwards of $12,000 raised out of a $15,000 goal. That page can be founds here:

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