Eolia playground

This swing set is all that remains of the original playground equipment at the Eolia Ball Park. The Eolia Park Board is looking to raise funds to replace that equipment.

Eolia, Mo. - Since the early 1980s, the playground next to the ball fields at the Pike and North Lincoln County Recreation Center in Eolia has been a place where children have played while their older siblings played baseball and softball.

“My children played on (the Eolia playground) 40 years ago,” said Mary Evans of the Eolia Park Board. “Now my grandchildren play on the remaining swing set.”

However, the ravages of time, and normal wear and tear, have reduced what was once a full set playground equipment to just the original swing set.

The Eolia Park Board is looking to bring the playground back to its former glory though, and it hopes the community can help. The board is looking to raise around $30,000 for equipment by the end of June - and it has raised about $8,000 so far.

The Eolia Ball Park and the playground are run by an all-volunteer board, and the concessions sold at baseball and softball games pay for the electric and water bills, so no funds remain for purchasing new equipment.

Evans said over 160 children are signed up to play at the ball fields this summer, and those chidren have younger sisters and brothers who will also be coming to the games. The updated playground would be a huge boost for everyone involved, especially the parents.

“(The parents) can watch the game while the little kids are being entertained by the playground,” Evans said.

Businesses or individuals who are interested in more information about the playground can call or text Evans at (636) 775-3422. All donations are tax deductible.

“This (playground) will last another 40 years,” Evans said. “I just hope that (the community) would support the children, and they would support them for years to come.”