City Council Meeting


During the Elsberry City Council meeting held on Tuesday, March 12 an issue surrounding Locke Lane in Elsberry was brought to the boards attention.

Glenn Matter a resident on Locke Lane had several requests for the board that included a sign for no outlet, a 15 MPH speed limit sign, no overnight parking as well as an issue surrounding refusal to enforce ordinances.

Matter hoped that the addition of a no outlet sign and a 15 MPH speed limit sign would help with speeders and other vehicles on Locke Lane.

The board voted to add the two signs. Matter was also informed that even without the speed limit sign within the City of Elsberry the speed limit is 25 unless posted differently.

A discussion about overnight parking was also held with the board. Matter asked that vehicles not be allowed to park on the streets overnight. He stated in the subdivison rules he has it states no overnight parking, however, there is no Homeowners Assocation to enforce the rule and was hoping the city would be able to enforce it. 

City Attorney Rob Guinness stated that the city does not currently have an ordinance that forbids overnight parking on city streets. He also questioned what the definition of overnight parking is. The board asked Guinness to look into the matter further and present something to the board at a later date.

Matter also asked why ordinances were not being enforced on the property next to his. According to Matter, the property owner has been dumping debri, wood, doors and concrete on the property.

He stated he has had numerous conversations with authorities about the issue and doesn’t understand why it’s not been addressed.

“I didn’t move into a nice area to live by a dump,” stated Matter.

Elsberry Ward I Alderman Terrie Harper apologized and stated she felt something should be done. Elsberry Police Lt. Ray Bumbales, who was at the meeting, took the information and informed the board he would be looking into the issue further.

In other business the Council agreed to go out for bids for the removal of junk from the property of 510 Bailey in Elsberry.

The homeowner has received numerous ordinance violation complaints, however, he has refused to abide by the ordinance. The City is waiting for a judges ruling on March 18. If the judge rules in the City’s favor then they can remove the items to comply with the city code.

Elsberry City Collector Katie Harper addressed the Council informing them that she is resigning from the position. 

Harper’s official last day date has not been determined. She stated she was willing to work to make sure the person taking her place is trained. 

 The board thanked Harper for her service to the City of Elsberry. Mayor Steve Wilch commended Harper on her professionalism and stated he would do anything he could to help with the transition.

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