City of Elsberry

Elsberry, Mo. - Years of poor maintenance in public works reared its ugly head once again during Elsberry’s monthly Board of Aldermen meeting on Nov. 9. 

Alliance Water Resources Superintendent Justin Reaves informed the board the heaters at the city’s water plant had stopped working. Due to the age of the equipment, parts for the electric heaters were difficult to come by.

“I looked to get parts for the heaters, but they’re obsolete,” Reaves said. “They don’t make them anymore.”

Reaves requested funding for two new heaters to replace the existing one, costing around $6,000. While the aldermen considered accepting more bids for the heaters, Alderman Steve Wilch said the issue couldn’t be put off, because of the cold and unpredictable weather the area has experienced during the fall.

“The timing of this is terrible at this point, but this is not something that can just be put off right now,” he said.

The rest of the board agreed, and unanimously approved the purchase.

Reaves also reported lime was leaking out of a water pump due to malfunctioning hoses at the plant, and suggested purchasing a second pump with extra hoses to solve the current problem – and prevent future ones.

Elsberry Mayor Michael Short said the funding for that pump is considered a capital expense, and would be covered in the city’s budget.

In other business, the board unanimously approved an ordinance allowing the city to enter an agreement with the Missouri Department of Social Services, which would provide low-income residents assistance with their water bills.

The board also accepted the resignation of City Treasurer Lisa Grumich at the meeting.