Year-round, the Terry L. Robertson Center provides tools, resources, information and support to people suffering from domestic violence. 

That support comes in a variety of ways, and around Christmas time, it shows up in the form of the center’s Adopt-A-Family program.

“A lot of these people are focused on getting out into the world, finding a safe home, making deposits for rent, for electric, what have you,” said Rachel Lovelace, outreach specialist and case manager with the Terry L. Robertson Center. “Purchasing vehicles, getting their life back together. So a lot of their funds can’t be dedicated to Christmas, which leaves their kids missing out, especially those [families] with multiple children.”

The Robertson Center’s Adopt-A-Family program bridges the gap for these families, and helps out with the moms and dads, taking stress from their shoulders. 

This year, Terry L. Robertson Center employee Stevie Lee said there are between 15-20 families she is working to get adopted. The center has been working with local groups like the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, businesses in the area and others that are helping out, with Lee saying that there’s “quite a few” businesses and people who’ve offered to pitch in. 

The center began by getting in touch with local families in need. These include both those who are in-facility families, and those people using outreach resources. The families have filled out a wish list, and Lee with the assistance of another advocate, Abbie Sharp, is currently in the process of getting those people adopted for the holidays. 

Clients listed clothing and shoe sizes, as well as things their children like.

“Such as if they are into Paw Patrol or Monster High, something like that,” Lovelace said. “And an item that the mothers or fathers believe that their children would like to have for Christmas, as well as something for themselves within reason.” 

The center is still looking for more groups that would be willing to adopt the families. 

To find out how to help, contact Stevie Lee or Abbie Sharp on the shelter’s hotline at (636) 224-1850, and select Option 1 for Lincoln County. There is also a wish list set up on the center’s Facebook page,, that people looking to donate can access. 

“We, just as a community, want to come together to make their holidays a little bit brighter,” Lee said. 

“The least we can do is let people see there’s a light at the end of the tunnel,” she added. 

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