After recent water issues for the City of Elsberry, Alliance Water Resources found some interesting changes over the years.

The staff located the historical records of the water treatment plant and discovered some adjustments that weren’t being made.

“We determined that there could be some adjustments cmade to optimize the lime softening process within the treatment plant,” said Justin Reeves, Elsberry Plant Manager.

The staff also discovered that the water treatment plant filter media is overdue to be replaced and is therefore degrading the treatment process. With this information, Alliance notified the City to make them aware of the issues. Staff solicited for bids to replace the filter media and also called upon members of Alliance’s Subject Matter Expert Team to help investigate and fine tune the treatment process. The board approved the purchase.

As a result, staff has begun to regulate the amount of flow coming into the treatment plant to make sure to not overload the aging filter media. 

In order to optimize water softening, the pH was raised significantly in the second step of the treatment process. Once the optimal pH was obtained, staff observed that the mineral and solids separation began to intensify. 

“This step in the treatment process is meant to separate and remove most of the iron and other solids that are pumped into the plant,” said Reeves. 

Once this step is complete, the water then moves on through the plant where the pH is adjusted downward to a suitable level prior to filtration. Prior to going through the filters, the water is disinfected with chlorine to kill all harmful bacteria and viruses that may be in the water. Finally, the finished water is stored in the clear well prior to being pumped into the distribution system.

“Early indications are showing that these improvements are helping to make a less aggressive water. This less aggressive water will cause less scale to come loose in our older pipes that run throughout town,” said Reeves.