From left: Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Communications and Media Specialist Tim Schmidt, NECAC Lincoln County Service Coordinator Janice Allan, NECAC Warren County Service Coordinator Desiree Antoniou, NECAC Intake Assistant Carey Westerman, NECAC Administrative Assistant Heather Burnett and NECAC County Services Programs Director Linda Fritz. Not pictured are NECAC Pike County Service Coordinator Chandra Roberts and St. Charles County Service Coordinator Cheryl Clerkley. 

As part of its Operation Round Up initiative, Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Community Trust recently donated $5,000 to the not-for-profit North East Community Action Corporation (NECAC). 

The two groups held a check hand-off on Jan. 30. 

The agency will use the money to assist homeless and disadvantaged clients in Lincoln, Pike, St. Charles and Warren counties. 

The funds can be used by NECAC for a variety of things, including aiding the homeless population and to cover gaps in funding for various programs, said Janice Allan, county service coordinator for NECAC.

Linda Fritz, a program director with NECAC, said the money could go towards medicine, food or covering other gaps in services.  

Allan said during this time of year, NECAC also helps with energy assistance, to help people heat their homes. 

Tim Schmidt from Cuivre River Electric said every month a Board of Trustees will meet and review all the applications received requesting funds. 

“We review every application based on its own merit, and then at that time we see how many funds we have available compared with the number of applications we have, and we try to help as many people as we can,” Schmidt said. 

Scmidt added the board usually receives requests for at least double the amount of funds that are actually available. 

“We usually award about $22,000 every month, usually we have requests [for] about $50,000.”

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