Pictured Major Ray Floyd with the Troy Police and Tim Schmidt with Cuivre River Electric

The Troy Police Department has received a grant through the Cuivre River Electric Community Assistance Program.  The donation was in the amount of $5000 and will go towards the purchase of body-worn cameras for the department.   

The department has recently started a campaign to solicit grants and donations to support the body-worn camera program. Having cameras will ensure officers are protected, while also providing complete transparency to the citizens and community.  

A study conducted by Cambridge University in 2016 indicated for every dollar spent towards a body worn camera, four dollars is saved.  The study suggest one reason for the savings may be due to more people pleading guilty to an offense rather than going to trial, which saves the courts and police both time and money.  

The goal is to raise $26,000 for the purchase of the equipment. To date, the department has secured $10,000.  

The Troy Police Department would like express their gratitude and say thanks to Cuivre River Electric for their generous donation and the support they provide to our community.