Winfield Flood

Call (636) 528-6182, extension 2247 if you have suffered flood-related damage. Photo by Larry Lung Jr.


Since May 3, portions of Lincoln County have been affected by the major flooding occurring along the Mississippi River, the Cuivre River and their tributary streams. If a structure on your property has been damaged in any way by this flooding, or if you have not been able to access your property but believe a structure may have been damaged, it is important that you contact the Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency’s office to schedule a damage assessment. You may also go to the agency’s website and complete a Damage Assessment Form online by visiting This form can be completed for any flood-related damage including water in the home or basement, sewer backups, debris removal, etc.

Cleanup after a flood is different than normal housekeeping. Keep in mind the following tips when picking up after a flood:

• Wear rubber gloves for extra protection against contamination. If you have cuts or scratches on your skin you must wear rubber gloves.

• As floodwaters go down, use a disinfectant to clean walls and woodwork. A garden sprayer works well, spraying from top to bottom.

• Scrub surfaces with a brush to help remove mud and silt.  Rinse with clean water and dry. If electricity is on, use heater, fan or air conditioner to speed drying.

A comprehensive list of flood-related cleanup advice can be found at Floodwaters can also have a detrimental effect on “structures” that you don’t really see, namely wells and septic systems. Water from a flooded or damaged private well should be considered unsafe until it has been tested and verified safe to use. Due to the potential for damage to the pipes, septic systems should not be pumped during flooding. If you believe you have suffered damage from this flooding, or if you’d like additional guidance or information, please contact the Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency’s Floodplain Administration Office at (636) 528-6182, extension 2247, or email


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