Donated items

Numerous donations filled a tractor trailer that will be on it’s way to Mayfield, Kentucky.

Lincoln County, Mo. - The tornado that rolled through Mayfield, Kentucky a few weeks ago has done untold damage in Graves County.

Nearly 80 people have died, and $18 billion in total damage has been estimated as a result of the EF4 tornado.

Residents in Lincoln County saw the effects of what happened four hours away – and wanted to do something about it. Ken Elliott, who serves on the Board of Directors of Lincoln County Fire Protection District 1 visited Mayfield and was disturbed by what he saw when he went there.

“This is a town about the size of Troy,” he said. “It’s a county seat like Troy, and the demographics are the same.

“(The damage) was horrible. It’s one thing to see the video, and it’s another thing to be in the middle of downtown Mayfield.”

Dennis Dexter Reed, owner of Reed Trucking in Elsberry, ran through the Mayfield area a great deal during his early years in the business and felt the need to do something when the storm hit.

“It came to me that people could use some help,” he said. “The good Lord came to me that showed me a path to do this.”

Thanks to Creech Brothers Trucking in Old Monroe, Reed got a trailer on Dec. 15 to start filling with supplies to send to tornado victims in Mayfield. The trailer sat in Elsberry for the first two days, before moving to Troy, then finally ending in Winfield.

The trailer ended up loaded with a variety of supplies of all kinds.

“We have a pretty good kind of supplies,” Reed said. “We have food, cots and Christmas presents for the kids.

“You name it, it’s all here.”

Reed said Lincoln County stepped up when it was needed most.

“The people of Lincoln County are very giving on this whole operation,” he said. “When I started this (on Dec. 15), I had doubts.

“I wanted to make this a county operation, and everyone stepped up.”