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(Warning: This content contains language and material that may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.)


Moscow Mills, Mo. - Four individuals familiar with the internal operations of the Moscow Mills Police Department have approached The Lincoln County Journal following the reinstatement of Chief Terry Foster on Nov. 29. The individuals have decided to speak out and have requested anonymity. 

The sources explained they approached The Lincoln County Journal so that their stories can be heard. They discussed a hostile work environment, the ticket quota scheme and other issues surrounding the police department and Foster.

Foster was contacted for comment, however he did not respond to the request by press time.

The sources discussed the ticket quota scheme and Foster’s role in the matter. They explained that police officers were encouraged to write seven to eight citations every shift.

“The budget was printed off and placed in an officer’s hands and that officer was told to go over said budget so he could understand what he had to do to meet that,” a source said. 

“[Foster] said, ‘don’t go out and write the sh*tty and cr*ppy vehicles. Go after the soccer moms that will actually pay their tickets’,” a source explained.

“He’s just looking for people who will just pay that ticket and go,” they continued.

The sources explained that ticket quota concerns and other issues were brought to the attention of the Board of Aldermen and Mayor Patrick Flannigan. Foster was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, but was reinstated on Nov. 29. 

“We put our trust in the mayor and the board to fix the problem,” a source said.

“We told them our concerns, and how [Foster] violated this law and the rest of this stuff,” they explained. “They voted to keep the chief.”

“We want the community to know that we tried to do the right thing and we were only met with failure and resistance from the city,” a source said.

“What Terry Foster has done is a crime,” a source stated.

“If you go through the petition, all the allegations are factual,” they continued. “I would sit here,and I would testify and say he did those things.”

The sources also described what they called a hostile work environment in the police department. 

“Chief Foster admitted to sexual harassment,” explained a source.

“The Chief has openly admitted to calling this guy, p*nis breath,” the source continued.

The individual was a previous officer within the department, sources said. A lawsuit was filed by the former employee but was later dropped.

“[They] dropped it for the simple fact [they] got a different job and didn’t want that lawsuit to follow [them]. [They] just dropped it and left.”

The sources explained that Foster continues to joke about this incident.

The previous employee was not the only target of the harassment, the sources explained.

“You can’t think of a word that he hasn’t called us,” one source said. “Pick a word and I can tell you a story about it.”

“He told me to drag my fat p*ssy off the ground one time,” the source continued. 

Other slurs that Foster has used, the sources stated, included “f*g,” “h*mo,” “m*ngina” and “c*cksucker.”

“He has a ‘Wall of Shame’ that he literally references,” another source said. The “Wall of Shame,” they explained, includes terminated officers.

One source brought up a situation that occurred at a local restaurant. The source stated that they were a witness to the situation that took place involving an underage waitress.

“[Chief Foster] literally slapped his leg and said, ‘come here hon’,” the source explained. “I know for a fact that she was under the age of 18.” 

“He uses the badge and the uniform as an intimidation and power factor. How are you going to speak out against the chief of police as a young female? The chief is someone you look to for protection,” the source explained.

The source said that they did not believe the mayor was aware of this incident.

Another incident that took place involved Foster and an individual outside of City Hall during a board meeting several years ago. 

“Foster went outside and waited for him to exit, then approached him and got in his face and loudly screamed at him,” a source explained. “The incident lasted several minutes and nearly became physical.”

The source said that Foster was in full uniform and Flannigan, who was an Alderman at the time, was present.

“No disciplinary action was ever taken against him then either,” the source continued. “[Foster] said he did nothing wrong and added that if he heard anyone talking about that incident that they’d be fired.”

The sources said that going against Foster would likely result in retaliation and termination.

“He’ll just sit and wait. He’ll make a reason to fire you,” a source said.

“All we have here is a pattern,” a source said.

“[Foster] will tell you he’s invincible and he can do anything, and he’ll always have a job,” a source stated. “He has said, ‘no matter what happens, I’ll still have a job’.”

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