The U.S. Census Bureau will be holding a recruiting event in Troy, co-sponsored by the Troy Chamber of Commerce, on Jan. 16 from 9 a.m.-noon. The event will be at the 850 East Cherry Street, Suite A in Troy. 

Does the US Census Bureau continue to hire people? Yes. We are primarily hiring census takers.That hiring will continue until Feb. 1. There is a training period. The census takers will be out working in the field between mid-March and July 2020.

Where do you go to apply for these jobs? Visit

What qualifications does one need to become a census taker? 18 years of age; you need a valid SSN; you need a valid email address; you’ll need to complete an online application and respond to some assessment questions; you’ll need to be able to speak, read, and write in English; you’ll need to be registered with the Selective Service or have a qualifying exemption, which would be a male born after 12/31/59; you’ll need to undergo fingerprinting, pass a background check and a review of criminal records; you’ll need to commit to completing training; you’ll need to be able to work flexible hours, which could include days, evenings and/or weekends. 

What does a census taker’s job entail? Census takers will visit housing units and other dwellings to collect census answers in person from those that did not respond online, my mail or by phone. These jobs are expected to last six to eight weeks.

Census jobs are flexible, pay competitive wages and provide an opportunity for individuals to help their community.

Who is regarded as an ideal candidate? Mobile retirees; college students; someone without a job and looking for temporary employment; someone looking for a second job; someone looking for a job with flexible hours; someone who wants extra money and is interested in helping their community.

What’s the pay for a census taker in MO? 17.00 to 23.50 per hour + we pay mileage;

Following is the county-by-county pay rate in and around STL:

Jefferson Cty: 21.50

STL County: 21 – 23.50

Warren Cty: 21.50

STL City: 23.50

St. Charles Cty: 21.50

Lincoln: 17.00

Montgomery: 17.00

Washington:  17.00

Calhoun (IL): 17.50

Jersey (IL): 19.00

Madison (IL): 19.00

Monroe (IL): 19.00

Randolph (IL):  17.50

McCoupin (IL): 19.00

Clinton (IL): 17.50

Where can someone go to learn more about jobs with the US Census Bureau?

What is the census?  It’s a count of everyone living in the US and US territories and it occurs every 10 years. The decennial census is a constitutional requirement and it has been occurring since 1790.

How important is it for people to participate in the census? It’s everyone’s civic duty to participate in the census. The census statistics are used for decision making at all levels of government; they are used for drawing federal, state, and local legislative districts; attracting new businesses to state and local areas and distributing over $675 billion annually in federal and state funds.

How does an individual complete the census? An individual can complete the Census online, via phone or on paper. If the census is not completed one of those three ways, then a census taker will visit you at home.

What all is involved in respect to data collection? We first begin with address canvassing because we need to determine where everyone lives. That process wrapped up in the fall of 2019. The collection of the data begins in mid-March with the invitation to go online, call or complete a paper questionnaire.

Census takers begin visiting those individuals who haven’t responded in April through July 2020.