A newly-forged local group spent some time at Winfield Middle School Oct. 4 working with students on the issues of bullying, depression and suicide.

4 H.E.L.P., which was started in May, has the broad goal to help “anybody and everybody,” said co-founder Ronnie King. The “H.E.L.P.” stands for “helping everyone live peacefully,” King said.

“What our goal is, is to be able to help anybody that’s in need of something,” King said. 

If a local family loses their house to a fire or flood, for example, King said the group would go raise funds for them.

“We know we can’t make everybody happy and we can’t help everyone, but we’re going to reach out and try to touch any hearts or anybody’s life that we can,” King said.  

With the Winfield Middle School students, King and his compatriots talked about the different kinds of bullying, from cyber to physical to verbal, explaining the effects and the serious outcomes that can spawn from it. 

Looking to the future, King said the group plans to “get its ducks in a row” and make a plan for the upcoming year.  

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