The fatal shooting that took place on July 4 is still under investigation, as police continue to sort through evidence.

"There are detectives who are still interviewing witnesses," Lincoln County Prosecutor Mike Wood said on the investigation. "We had some additional information come into our office that I won't be able to discuss, but I can tell you information continues to come into my office based on this investigation." Wood said that some evidence has also been sent off to the St. Charles County Cyber Crime Task Force, which specializes in examining electronic devices sent to them from all across the state. The shooting took place in the afternoon of the Fourth of July, and resulted in the victim, Brian Fredde, dying from a bullet to the chest. A suspect in the incident is not in custody, as no charges have been pressed at this point.

Wood said that the office can’t put out an arrest warrant “until we’ve got a sufficient amount of evidence where we feel comfortable charging the case. We want to be sure that we will be able to make our case once we get to the point of trial.” 

“And the problem we run into is that sometimes this is a lengthy process. With this particular case there's a tremendous amount of evidence we're having to look at and consider," Wood said. 

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