Questions remain and answers may never be obtained after the release of the Missouri State Auditors ‘poor’ rating last week for the City of Silex.

However, Mayor Chuck Turbyeville is focused on making Silex a place to be proud of once again.

City Hall Silex Lock Change

The 40 page findings from the citizens request for an audit from Jan. 1, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2018 detailed some very dire issues surrounding it’s former administration that included Dorothy Ford, Mayor; Aldermen Justin Spanier, Robert Momphard and Steven Gamble, City Administrator and Police Chief William Barns and City Attorney Jeffery Robertson.

Throughout the report issues of monies inappropriately being used, proper procedures for bidding and purchasing not being followed, financial reports not being filed with the state and failure to swear in a duly elected official are just some of the findings resulting in the ‘poor’ rating.

The current administration was given the opportunity before the findings were released to issue a response to each of the issues found in the report.

“There were many things that we were already working towards to fix the problems,” said Turbyeville.

In each and every incident the current administration agreed with the State Auditors Office and in most cases were able to present changes that had already been made since taking over in April 2019.

“The report confirmed everything that I suspected and actually is worse,” said Turbyeville.

After being elected for the second time in a year and to avoid an similar issue to the refusal to swear in the Mayor Elect, which happened in 2018, Turbyeville bypassed the situation and was sworn in prior to the April meeting at the Lincoln County Courthouse.

The meeting which was supposed to occur on April was cancelled due to illness not allowing for a quorum.

On Wednesday morning, Nov. 10, the newly elected and sworn in Mayor locked City Hall and put every employee on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Since that time, all police officers were let go, as well as public works and the city clerk. A new city attorney and city clerk were brought in and repairs continue to be made from the damage done.

“Some questioned my actions, but after reading the report, I stand by my actions and believe that making that decision to lock the doors and remove the prior administration was warranted and just,” said Turbyeville. “Now we have to work towards establishing the City of Silex as viable and earning the trust of our residents.”

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