"Adopt a Superkid"

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department’s Violence and Crisis Intervention Specialist Stephanie Link dressed up like Captain Marvel with her dog surrounded by the numerous Christmas gifts for the “Adopt a Superkid” program.

The Lincoln County Sheriff Department is proud to announce the success of their new “Adopt a SuperKid” program, spearheaded by Stephanie Link, violence and crisis intervention specialist of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff John Cottle,  saw an opportunity to help out those going through difficult times.

Cottle and Link came together to create “LCSO Adopt a SuperKid” for the children affected by domestic violence in the county.

Cottle and his family purchased the first toy to be given to a “SuperKid” this holiday season.

The Lincoln County Sheriffs’ Department partnered up with Sweet Celebrations and Ultimate Fitness wanting to help make the holidays a little brighter for those families affected by Domestic Violence.

 As a team, the unit “adopted” 16 families with a total of 43 children for the holidays. 

Sweet Celebrations, a volunteer led, nonprofit organization, found sponsors for over 1,200 children this holiday season. 

Link and her daughter started their own tradition of giving back to the community during the holidays because of Link’s own experience with domestic violence in which local church members adopted her family. 

That giving gesture forever impacted her and gave her the inspiration to continue the giving pattern of helping others find hope in what may seem to be a hopeless situation.

To those who have are experiencing domestic violence; even when you may feel your situation may feel helpless, there is help.

If you or someone you may know is a victim of domestic violence, or  for more information on helping families after violence or crisis situations, please contact Link at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.