Community Opportunities

Volunteer, Amanda, loads meals into coolers with the help of her Direct Support Professional Staff, Kelsey.

Community Opportunities has collaborated with the Lincoln County Council on Aging (LCCOA) for more than 20 years.  In fact, the clients of Community Opportunities are the primary source of volunteers for LCCOA’s Meals on Wheels program.  Each week, Monday through Friday, the volunteers deliver roughly 1250 meals to homebound seniors in Lincoln County.  Executive Director Kelly Hardcastle said, “Community Opportunities is a vital partner in the delivery of nutritional meals and wellness checks for senior adults within Lincoln County”. 

Community Opportunities’ clients benefit from the opportunities to volunteer and participate with LCCOA by making connections with others in the community, having a sense of accomplishment and pride from helping others, and having a place that makes them feel welcome.  They are often recognized by those they serve as volunteers when out in the community, such as when grocery shopping or eating at restaurants. Many of the meal recipients know the volunteers on a first name basis and have formed friendships over the years.