There are many facets to the supports available at Community Opportunities. All supports are individualized to meet the unique needs of each client. Many individuals who receive supports from Community Opportunities receive less than 10 hours per week through our Community Skills department. These services and supports are intended to “fine tune” higher-level skills for individuals who are independent in most areas of daily life.  Often times, those who are not quite ready for the working world receive support to gain “soft skills”– communicating with others effectively, time management, task completion, etc. These skills are acquired while volunteering and engaging in activities in the community with Community Opportunities support staff.  


Marissa ready for work at County Market.

When job ready, individuals can then receive support with our Employment team to find and maintain the right job match. This continuum of supports has proven effective time and time again. In just the past year, five individuals have gained successful employment with this model of supports through Community Opportunities. Lera provides childcare at a local daycare. Marissa serves customers in the deli at County Market. Marissa says staff helped her to “be myself at work and still get the job done.” Christian serves food in the school cafeteria. Brant works as a shop helper in a body shop. Another individual assists customers at Home Goods. Quite an array of careers and it all began with just a few hours of support per week! 

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