Troy, Mo. - The Teen Miss Missouri award winner Natalie Kasten, 15, a Moscow Mills native now living in Troy, is looking for local volunteer opportunities.

Kasten was recruited by a modeling agency in Chicago, since then she signed on with a modeling agency in St. Louis and just before the pandemic hit, she signed on with a new agency in New York.

She was scouted because of the photos that she posted on Instagram.

“(I just posted) a bunch of pictures and agencies and random boutiques would reach out,” Kasten said. “We just started getting into it.”

Her modeling agency in St. Louis told her to start participating in pageants. Then Kasten participated in Miss Teen Earth.

Five hundred thirty two other teens competed to become Miss Teen Missouri along with Kasten.

“Everyone submitted their pictures, mission statements and then the judges decided on those,” Kasten said. “My goal was to help our community with food production and I wanted us to buy more from the local farmers and farmers markets to help reduce the amount of travel and pollution with produce.”

Up next for Kasten is Miss Teen Earth USA which has a mission to provide a platform for America’s women to be a voice for environmental responsibility while also adding a beauty element for a cause in fashion, media and leadership opportunities.

The stages are Miss Teen State, Miss Teen Earth USA and then Miss Teen Earth.

As she advanced in the stages, Kasten has to fulfill requirements such as community service.

“I am looking for opportunities within the community to be of service, share my platform and meet more locals,” Kasten said.

“(I am) very proud of her. She is a pretty busy person, just in general. She does a lot in the community and school,” said Angela Kasten, Natalie’s Mom. “But I am excited and proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone and doing this.”

Kasten can be reached by email at: if you’d like to meet with her, learn about her platform or be interested in Kasten coming to your event.