The Lincoln County R-III School District received its 2018 Annual Performance Report (APR) from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) on Feb. 1, 2019.  

The results show an overall APR of 97.5%, an increase for the district from last year by just over six points (6.1). 

While DESE has made it clear that, due to new, more rigorous tests in math and English language arts, comparing the results year over year is not apples to apples, some conclusions can still be drawn. 

Of the five targeted areas outlined in MSIP5, the district saw consistency or gains in all. The two most notable categories of growth were Graduation Rate and Attendance. 

The school district was also pleased to find that 14 out of 20 MAP (3-8) and EOC (9-11) tests in English language arts and math are at or above state average. This year, the tests in both of these areas were new and completely different thus requiring new cut scores and causing the delay in the release of results.  

Furthermore, 2018 testing did not yield results in the area of science. Students completed field tests in this area to allow for new performance levels to be set for next year’s testing cycle.  

Upon receiving the 2018 scores, Dr. Chris Greiner, assistant superintendent of Academics said, “We are proud of the way our students performed and how hard our teachers worked to prepare them. However, we are poised to maintain a commitment of continuous improvement.  This includes working diligently to develop an agile process to develop and implement rigorous and relevant curriculum, provide meaningful and timely professional development to teachers and adopt appropriate resources to address the needs of all students.”

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