In a press release from Monday, Jan. 6, the Chief Administrator of the Lincoln County Ambulance District (LCAD), Ray Antonacci, laid out some year ending statistics and added some things to look forward to regarding his organization in the coming new year.

In 2019, the LCAD responded to a total of 7,746 calls. Broken down, that is 645.5 per month, 148.97 a week and 21.22 a day.

This number is up from 2018 by 713 calls (7,033 calls in 2018).

The release states that in an effort to cope with the increasing amount of calls for service, LCAD has added another ambulance and hired four more full-time staff members.

“LCAD had two additional staff members already hired that covered vacation time. LCAD reallocated their hours to the new Medic 6.  This will cause LCAD to spend over $400,000 from savings but the additional help is needed, today.  For the time being, Medic 6 will be running out of Base 4 in Winfield.  As soon as possible, LCAD hopes to move Medic 6 to a permanent home in Moscow Mills when budget allows for the purchase and building of an additional base,” Antonacci said in the press release. 

The release goes on to state that LCAD is currently administering an open bidding process to secure up to three new ambulances.

It says that one of the ambulances will be purchased with the insurance money from an ambulance accident, and the other two are being purchased to replace year 2013 ambulances with close to 300,000 miles on them.

The release says that they will be purchased on a lease option, or rather, LCAD will be taking a loan out to purchase them.

Each ambulance is expected to cost around $240,000, which doesn’t include the “life-saving” equipment that the ambulance will be stocked with upon purchase.

The release states that the ambulances are being purchased on lease in order to keep funds available for the salaries of those hired to staff the new Medic 6 base.

Something that Antonacci proposed late last year, after the voting down of Prop. Ambulance – a proposition to help fund the LCAD – was the Pulse 2020 public forum circuit.

“PULSE 2020 will pick back up this month and LCAD will be holding meetings on the east side of the District.  LCAD will be sending out invitations and social media notifications of the next meeting so stay in touch on Facebook and at,” Antonacci said in the release.

Lastly, Antonacci put forth a reminder to the people of Lincoln County to make sure that if they are planning on calling upon the services of LCAD, to make double sure that it is absolutely necessary.

“As a reminder, to keep ambulances available for those with true life-threatening emergencies, keep these key points in mind.  9-1-1 is meant for emergency use only. If you feel overwhelmed and cannot handle any situation on your own do not hesitate to call 9-1-1. However, we get numerous calls from individuals who have had symptoms, illness or injury for days. A fall three days ago does not warrant an ambulance trip unless you are now unconscious. A stomachache for the past week is a call to your doctor or a trip to urgent care not a call to 911.  Help us keep ambulance, police and fire in service and ready to respond to true emergencies,” Antonacci said in the release.

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