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Lincoln County Urban Legend: Werewolf at Sugar Creek

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Cliff at Sugar Creek

It’s been about a year now since I had gotten that call. I remember it well, the woman was named Lily, but she didn’t want to mention her last name so that her neighbors wouldn’t think she was crazy. When I talked with her she seemed really reasonable and sounded like she had plenty of common sense. But then she told me one of the weirdest stories that I think I have ever heard.

Lily told me that she is married with two children, a girl and a boy and that they live out on Highway Y North of Troy, Missouri. Well one of Lily’s favorite things is to take a long walk every evening along the cliffs that run above Sugar Creek. She would usually wait for her husband to get home so that he could watch the children while she walked and took in the peacefulness and beauty of nature.

On one particular evening a couple of years back her husband was running late getting home, but she happily waited and went for her walk when he arrived, though it was much later than usual. She hopped in the car and headed down to Park Drive and followed it to the lot at the Sugar Creek Trails. She parked the car and headed to a trail that she knew well. The trail starts off going down a big hill then veers left and up another hill. At the top of that hill you go right on a different trail that takes you to the cliffs overlooking Sugar Creek.

At the top of the cliffs Lily sat down to enjoy the sunset view. Though the sun had already set there was still plenty of light and the moon was already high and full. After a few moments Lily began to realize that she was hearing something coming through the woods on the other side of the creek. It was like something that she had never seen before! She quickly hid behind a tree so she could watch what the creature was doing. As she watched, she realized that it appeared to be half wolf, half man. 

She told me how she remembered standing there hiding behind that tree thinking how crazy this was. Lily watched as it crept out of the woods on all fours, but then stood on it’s back two legs as it went into the water. It seemed to be about seven feet all! The creature jumped around splashing in the creek like it was trying to grab at fish. Suddenly it froze and pointed it’s nose skyward and began sniffing. Then looked right at her, the beast’s eyes glowed red like something straight from the pits of Hell.

The beast howled, a horrific sound like something she had never heard before and ran for the cliff right below where she had been hiding. Lily remembered that she had her .22 pistol in her pack, she pulled it out and fired two rounds right at the creature. It immediately fell from where it was climbing, about ten feet up from the creek. It behaved like it had been hit and she was certain that she could see blood in the water. It hurried for the far back and pulled itself out of the water, raised up on it’s back legs then howled again, the sound chilled Lily to her bones. She watched, frozen, as it dropped back down on all four legs and scrambled back into the woods that it had come from. 

Lily turned and ran all the way back to her car and rushed home. To this day she has not returned to walk the Sugar Creek trails.

The story seemed crazy to me, so I let it sit not going any further with it until I had some more information or confirmation of the tale. But then a few weeks ago the call came. It was from a man named Billy Dorman, he said to go ahead and use his name because most folks think that he’s crazy anyways.

Now Mr. Dorman is retired and spends a good amount of his spare time out gathering rock fossils. He likes to walk the creek beds because that’s where he finds most of his best rocks. Late one afternoon he decided to go out to Sugar Creek off of Highway KK and walk it for fossils. It was a cool afternoon and had rained the day before, and after a good rain you find the best rocks from the water turning over the creek bed.

Billy parked his car and started walking Southeast along the creek. He had gathered a few nice fossils when he realized that it was starting to get dark. The dark didn’t bother him much because he had his flashlight and knew the area well enough to find his way. He continued along the creek shining his flashlight on the rocks when he came to a deep part of the creek with high cliffs on the one side. A strange noise coming from further up the river made him stop and listen. It was like a wolf howling at the moon, he looked up and noticed that the moon was big and full. The sound started coming towards him, and fast. Billy said that he ran to the side of the creek and lay down flat in some weeds.

Mr. Dorman could just barely see the creature as it came to the deep pool in the creek, but it seemed to be a wolf/man of about seven or so feet tall and went along on it’s hind legs. It stopped in the deeper water and looked around, it’s nose in the air sniffing. Billy thought it was going to sniff him out of his hiding place when it lost interest and began splashing around like it was trying to grab at fish, or maybe just washing itself. He didn’t know what it was doing and didn’t really care, he just wanted it to leave so the he could get out of there and get home where he would be safe! It splashed around for about fifteen minutes before moving back up the creek the way it had come. Billy waited until he couldn’t hear it anymore before jumping up and getting back to his car as fast as he could.

Billy Dorman told me that he had told no one about this before calling me. Well this now made two reports of a werewolf in almost exactly the same place, I had to investigate. I headed out Highway KK and parked my car by the bridge unpacked my camping gear and set out for the cliffs along Sugar Creek. It is early September and the weatherman had said that there is supposed to be a full moon this night, but there is a hurricane in the gulf causing some cloudiness here in Missouri. It was around 5 p.m. when I started out and every step of that almost mile long walk I felt like I was being watched. 

It was quiet when I finally made it to where I wanted to camp, the quiet trickle of the creek and soft whispering of the light breeze moving through the trees. I asked myself if I actually expected to find a werewolf and the answer was no, maybe a stray wolf, pack of coyotes or even a territorial bear but certainly not a werewolf. Those are just myths, right?

As I gathered my firewood that eerie feeling of being watched came over me again. I couldn’t shake it, I just knew that something was out there, watching me. It wasn’t long before the darkness of night overtook the comfort of the daylight, even the full moon hid behind the clouds only peeking out occasionally. I had my fire burning brightly, trying to shake the feeling that something was waiting for me to turn my back to it so that it could pounce on me out of the blackness of the woods.

The forest came alive the later it got, splashes in the creek, twigs breaking, steps and scurries on the forest floor. At every one I jumped and turned hoping to catch a glimpse of the werewolf. Around nine, something let out a howl and it was close. I scrambled to get my flashlight from my bag to investigate and headed for the woods where the sound had come from. By the time I got myself together and headed over there a second howl came. This time it was on top of the cliff! I knew that there was no way one creature could have moved that fast, so there had to be at least two of them. I hurried back into my camp and built my fire up bigger and got myself ready for bed knowing that there was not going to be any sleep for me this night.

From the safety of my tent I watched out the unzipped door, but hardly got more than a glimpse of nothing more than fast movement. It continued all night. Fast steps around my campsite howling from here and there, occasional growls. Shortly before sunrise it went quiet, I waited only until it was light enough to see and quickly packed up. By then the sun was up, I began walking around looking for evidence of what had tormented me the night before. And right there in some soft sand were the tracks of the beast. Not just one set, but many sets. They were clearly dog tracks and some of them were pretty big, but not just one dog there were tracks from a whole pack of dogs!

Now I can’t say for sure what Lily or Billy encountered while they were out at Sugar Creek, but I met a  pack of wild dogs. And I am quite lucky because dogs are not scared of humans and once they’ve gone wild they tend to get mean and can be pretty dangerous. So if you are out in the Sugar Creek area be careful because there are wild dogs out there, and maybe a werewolf too.

Psalm 139:7-12

“Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast. If I say, ‘Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me’, even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.” 

God knows where each and every one of us is at and what we are doing, remember that His loving hands of protection are on each one of His children. If you know of anything you would like reported on or investigated give Norm a call at (636) 233- 6878. for more works by Norman McFadden visit

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