Time goes by so quickly, just as a fluffy white cloud floating across the sky. One moment it is there and the next it is gone. When you are on the hilltop life looks so exciting, but when you are halfway down you simply long to be back at the top. We cannot forget where we came from and the mistakes that we have made in the past. Otherwise we would just end up making the same mistakes over and over again. 

If you would like to climb to the top again, grab that puffy cloud and drag it back, or perhaps just go back in time for only a day, then I suggest you take a drive out State Hwy F in Eolia, Missouri. Ride out there and visit Mark and Patty Koenig on their farm. I am sure they will welcome you with open arms, just as they did me.

Out there, one the far edge of Lincoln County, sitting out in the field are three log cabins decorated just as they would have been back in the 1800’s. And rising from the ground like a white ghost is the White Swan one room Schoolhouse. I researched and was able to find documents dating the school to 1898.

Many families from Lincoln County, Missouri went to that one room schoolhouse. Though I am not from one of those families that graduates from there. A few names you might know would be the Potts, Blackwell, Brown, Briggs, Davis, Watt and Springston families. There are so many more families that just these few which I have named here.

There were so many things there that I had never seen before in the cabins. Then Patty and I drove across the field to the School, stepping into the front door took me back to that hilltop of my child hood. It reminded me of a time when life was so good and I felt so young again that I never wanted to leave.

The seats were lined up on each side of the school, and in the middle was an old wood-burning stove. The teacher’s desk was sitting up front with the chalkboard and a little stage right behind it. Just for old times sake I had to sit at one of the student’s desk and drift back to when I was six years old sitting in that little one-room schoolhouse in southern Missouri.

Lift your heart and feel young again. Go out and visit Patty and Mark. Go back in time to the 1800’s, it’ll be a short trip, but it might be the long journey back into your childhood that you need.

Psalm 90:12

“So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

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