The Sacred Heart Parish held its annual dinner action recently, naming Linda Crist and Cindy Levy as the 2019 Sacred Heart Friend of the Auction. Recipients for the Friend of the Auction award are selected from a group of people who have helped supported and contributed to the success of the auction over a long period of time. The auction provides funding for things like in-classroom amenities, PE equipment, upgrades to playground equipment and a great deal of other things for the Sacred Heart School. Principal Ann Hoffman said without the auction, it would strain the regular school budget. The auction has been going on for 33 years, and Hoffman said every recipient of the Friend of the Auction award is “well deserving of that honor.”

Friends of Sacred Heart

Crist (left) and Levy (right). 


“Because they really do go above and beyond in helping out,” Hoffman said. 

Crist and Levy work in maintenance at Sacred Heart, and Hoffman said they never give one word of complaint, even when constantly being asked for help.

“They just figure out how to get it done, and are always there to help in every way possible,” Hoffman said.

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