Managing Editor

A certified wiz at playing tabletop war games and binge-watching anime, I spend far too much time on the internet. Also I run a couple of newspapers.

Last week we hosted a Troy Chamber After Hours event here at our office. 

People mingled around for a good two and half hours talking and laughing, and I got some good story ideas...though some of those people never emailed me back, cough cough. Pretty fun overall.

But what I was most excited for was the chance to have a few of our contributors pop by. I wanted to show off some of the people who help me out every week. 

You all see my stupid face in the corner of this page every issue, and everyone who has a desk at our office is listed down in the staff box down below. But there’s a handful of folks whose name-recognizability isn’t really proportional to how much they do to help out the newspaper. 

Our columnist Robin Garrison Leach is one of these – and she at least gets her own mugshot (when I have space, sorry Robin!). She reliably gives me the cleanest, typo-free copy I see all week (including my own) and I usually find some bit of inspiration for my own columns by reading hers. 

Norm McFadden writes the Lincoln’s Urban Legends column for us once a month, and has been a great representative of the newspaper in the community. 

He’s spoken to classes at local schools, presented at the Lincoln County Optimist Club and has gone to meet with residents at local nursing homes, to talk with them about his articles. 

Wayne Nelson is a relatively new addition to the roster, but a welcome one. Most of the photos in this issue are his, so you have him to thank for the sports section being more than several pages full of text. 

Lastly, Angela Ruth Lung and her husband Larry Lung. Jr. have been taking photos for me for over a year, going to events and just wandering around the wilds of Lincoln County to get interesting shots of flooding, snow or whatever else is going on. 

I’m embarrassing these people on purpose to make a point. The newspaper is much more than the people who are listed in that little box below. The people above are local folks we just managed to run across by happenstance – but things typically happen for a reason, and the variety of personalities and specialties working on every edition of The Journal give this paper it’s character, and make it something unique. That includes everyone who writes in with Letters to the Editor, Rep. Pietzman with his regular column, the students in Troy Buchanan’s Digital News Production class, all the local FFA and FBLA reporters who reliably update you on the accomplishments their chapters have achieved – and way too many more to name them all. 

They’re who you should thank for giving this paper it’s character, because without them, The Journal wouldn’t be the same.