Alas, the time has come. The sun has set on “Probably Not Worth Reading.” 

Over the past several months, I have used this space to ramble on, usually about whatever it was that popped into my head first, but sometimes about an event or topic I felt was important.

Reporting for a newspaper is the most objective form of writing. Personal pronouns such as I, me, you or we are never to slip out of the quotation marks and into the exposition and summary.

But in the editorial space, there is a freedom to put myself into the story, into the exposition and open the reader to what I am thinking, at least at that moment: like a snapshot in history to get lost in a scrapbook of nonsense.

I hope that I at least made a few compelling points, or at least once or twice made someone think about something from a different perspective. 

Or even made a reader chuckle in appreciation of dry wit. 

I’ve learned a few things about the way to tell stories in writing this column weekly, and that is, in my opinion, the most important thing.

I am certainly not going anywhere, and will continue to report for The Lincoln County Journal and The Troy Free Press with joy. It is only my column that will be fading away.

I hope that during my time writing “Probably Not Worth Reading” that at least one of you found it to be even the slightest bit worth reading.

Oscar Wilde said, “Some cause happiness wherever they go,” and in this case, “Others whenever they go.”

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