Sometimes weird, unexplainable things happen to me. 

For example, I have a fantasy Major League Soccer league that I play in.

It works just like fantast football where you pick players and earn points based on those players’ weekly performances. 

There’s a lot of research and analyzing that goes into: pretty nerdy stuff but it’s fun.

That’s not the point.

One night I had a dream that a player from the Montreal team was going to get a red card, which is when a player gets ejected from a game for a bad foul, persistent fouling or just plain naughtiness. 

I saw it clear as day: the black and blue stripes of the Montreal player’s jersey, the yellow of the referee’s shirt and the red of the card that the referee showed the player.

So I called my friend that I play in leagues with and told him that I’d had a dream, a vision if you will, that a Montreal player was going to get sent off so steer clear of Montreal players. 

I was only half joking.

The problem was, Montreal was playing an inferior team so picking their players was very enticing.

I decided that the dream was just a dream and I’ve watched so much soccer that it can’t help but seep into my subconscious and it didn’t mean anything.

So I picked one, lone Montreal player in my team and what do you know: he gets a red card.

That’s example number one of weird occurrences. I won’t get into all the other dreams I’ve had that have become reality. I’m not sure you could handle it!

Example number two of weird things happened to me yesterday. I was struggling to think about something to base this column on and hard up for ideas, I looked around my desk and saw my dictionary. 

I figured I’d open it to a random spot and blindly lay my finger on the page and whatever word my finger landed closest to, I would base my column off of.

Pretty dumb idea.

So I picked it up, closed my eyes, opened it, tried to put my finger on the page a few times but missed because my eyes were closed, finally landed my pointer on the page and the word my finger landed closest to was newspaper.

How weird is that?

Out of all the words in the 700 pages of my Webster’s New World Dictionary (© 1990), the one word I land on is newspaper.

Ok, so my finger may have been equidistant to new blood and newspaper but that’s still too close for comfort.

And how is new blood a word in the dictionary? I guess the New World dictionary people wanted to show solidarity.

I think these strange occurrences might have something to do with the multi-vitamin I take everyday.

There’s got to be a reason that the FDA won’t put their signature on those things.

They have to know something?!

I’m starting to think that maybe my brain doesn’t need 100 percent of the daily-recommended niacin if it is going to come with these psychic abilities. 

Psychic abilities are abilities I just don’t need.

I actually believe it’s the molybdenum in the vitamins I take that is causing these “occurrences.”

Molybdenum, a micronutrient that is essential to life, is ductile and highly resistant to corrosion… I guess it’s what makes us humans resistant to corrosion.

All of these extra metals I’m putting in to my body are probably conductors of electricity, and since our brains are essentially giant electricity blobs, maybe that explains it all: the more electricity that passes through, the more stimulation and activity.

I’ll continue taking my multivitamins for now. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be walking, looking down at your phone and not see that giant pothole filled with water and there I’ll be, revved up on essential metals having already seen what’s going to happen in a dream.




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