A question that I hear get tossed out a lot, one that I am sure everyone has faced at some point in their lives and one that I am sure has been and will continue to be a hotbed for debate, argument, deep thought and longing: If you could have a superpower what would it be?

And this is one superpower. You can’t choose to be Superman and have like all the best superpowers.

Now, there are a few we can dispatch right here and now. 

I’ll go ahead and eliminate the stretchy superpower, like Mrs. Incredible, because, yes, it would be cool, but out of any superpower imaginable, it doesn’t even come close.

For myself, at least, I’ll be eliminating anything that has to do with fire, lasers, ice or any other weird elements that shouldn’t be coming out of a human body, no matter how super.

Nature is already unpredictable enough.

I’ll also eliminate invisibility because that one is just too creepy. Anybody that says his or her super power would be invisibility, I’m going to be a little skeptical of.

What good would you do with that super power?

X-Ray vision is right up there with invisibility.

Superhuman strength would be a great superpower. To be able to lift a car off a stranded civilian, to stop a train in its tracks, to hammer down on militant fascist regimes leaning on innocent, helpless, feeble governments. 

But the more likely thing would be that your friends would just ask you to help them move. Why are you moving so much? You ask after you notice that you’ve been moving an inordinate amount of couches. 

Let’s see. What are some others that I would never want?

Supersonic hearing, super-smell, super-taste: those are super lame.

Super speed? What’s the point?

Ability to never have to eat again in order to survive? I just like food too much.

Ability to see the future? No thank you.

Telekinesis, pretty much being a psychic, would be cool, but I feel like it could really go to your head.

Immortality: not even going to go there.

My final four are instant teleportation, time travel, ability to fly and being a super genius.

Semi-final number 1: Instant teleportation vs. time travel.

Semi-final number 2: Ability to fly vs. Super genius.

With time travel, there is always the ‘change the trajectory of the time space continuum’ butterfly effect aspect. 

If I was to travel back in time, I could right the wrongs of generations past, but what would that do to modern day? 

Maybe improve it exponentially; maybe lead to a level of degradation the human race is yet to even experience. 

That’s a lot of responsibility. 

I can’t really think of any negatives attached to teleportation, so teleportation moves on to the final.

Being a super genius would be amazing. You could become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams through scientific endeavors or changing the world and saving the human race and planet earth from complete meltdown, which I have mentioned before, it is headed directly towards, or whatever. 

But there is still room for error. There is still room for the influence of wrong and evil. And then the genius is working against the greater good. 

And that wouldn’t be good. I couldn’t allow that in my life, so flying takes the win in that match up.

So: teleportation vs. flying. This one is an easy answer, in my book.

Flying would be amazing: the rush, adrenaline, freedom and perspective would be more liberating than imaginable. 

But it would never be what I chose out of the two. 

My answer, all day any day, would be teleportation. 

I never wanted or thought I wanted to travel when I was a kid. 

I never had the hunger to learn, to see or to experience. Bad on me. 

But now that I’m older and a little wiser (emphasis on a little), all I want to do is see the world. To be able to instantly be anywhere on earth, for free, would be pretty great. I could go to the heart of where my family came to the states from in Hungary, the Bohemian region of Czechoslovakia. 

I could take a dip in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and when I got tired, take a nap deep in quiet forests of the sleepy American wilderness.

I could catch any soccer game I ever wanted to.

I’d probably just use it to go to Cookout anytime I wanted to, though.

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