Managing Editor

A certified wiz at playing tabletop war games and binge-watching anime, I spend far too much time on the internet. Also I run a couple of newspapers.

I wrote my introductory column to The Lincoln County Journal in mid-October of 2018, while sitting in a very homey hotel room in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. 

I struggled at it more than a little. It probably took three hours of pounding my head into the keyboard to finally get the words out.

For anyone wondering, that’s about two and half hours longer than it should take. 

My hang-up was two-fold: Obviously I wanted to make a good first impression, and I wanted to give an honest, open look at who I am as a person, which can be hard to just put coherently into words.

I eventually found my hook, and wrote about what I’d learned in my time spent away from home, and it was pretty easy once I’d found my direction. All I was doing was just relaying the changes I’d seen in myself, and the experiences I was grateful for. I added in a dash of honest ego and some self-deprecating humor, and finally finished it off with my excitement to come to Lincoln County and work at its newspaper.

When I finally started at The Journal, the first thing I went out to cover on-location for the paper was the Lincoln County Farmer’s Market. I had a hot tip that Santa would be riding in on a Lincoln County FPD fire truck, so I went down to take some pictures of Saint Nick schmoozing with the locals. I milled around that morning outside Tractor Supply and talked to the different vendors about their products, which were a variety of produce, animals for sale and homemade goods.

That was probably the best introduction to Lincoln County I could have asked for. A local event, full of families from the various towns in the county, and filled with people representing agriculture, entrepreneurship and industry.  It was relaxed, everyone was easy-going. Santa asked me if I was with the Troy Free Press, which is a pretty deep cut, even for longtime locals. It was very welcoming. 

I’ve always felt that first bit of exposure to the county was a representative slice of life for the tone and tenor of the area. 

Since I started here, I’ve covered lots of local sports (and loved that) and got to expedience my first county fair and rodeo (and loved those too). From day one, my favorite things to write about here were the local activities, events and special celebrations. 

The sense of community, and the easy way Lincoln County would welcome an outsider into its celebrations, was genuinely charming, and I always looked forward to hanging out at things like Troy’s Bicentennial, the odd basketball game after working hours or the County Fair. 

I’ll miss traveling to the various corners of Lincoln County to cover the news.  

I’ll also miss the people I’ve worked with too, but thanks to the staff at The Journal, I know I can move on, confident you all are in good hands.

See you around.