The country, state and local counties are treating the coronavirus pandemic more seriously every day, as governmental groups enact stricter contingencies to curtail the spread of the virus, and as people really start getting the hang of this social distancing thing. Bad news is, lots of things are closed, and most of us are stuck at home. Hope you like your roommates.

An upside to everything (including my gym) being closed, is it’s opening new opportunities to explore new things. Friday morning I went running in the neighborhoods around my apartment for the first time in a long time, which is something I love to do, but just never actually do when there’s a convenient gym nearby. The day before, I had to cobble together an at-home bodyweight workout, which I did in my apartment’s bedroom. For reference, there’s not a ton of space there.

It was a fun time – though I doubt my downstairs neighbor was thrilled about all the noise when I started doing lunges. 

He should be thankful though, as I really wanted to break out the burpees – and graciously did not, to spare him the racket. Point being, yes, I’d much rather be back in the gym, at my regular routine. I’d just gotten back on track after a neck injury, and had been working hard to return to where I’d been.

I was really digging being back in top-ish form, too, but the developing pandemic was the real crusher of dreams when it came to my routine this week.

I had fun figuring out an impromptu workout, though, as atypical as it was. There’s a silver lining in situations like this, if you are creative enough to know where to look for it.

We are all trapped at home, heeding the advice of the health department and CDC, staying as far away from each other as possible, and for many this disruption will be hard to bear. No gatherings, no dining in-restaurant, no movies – no gyms. For many parents, the closing of local schools is going to be rough to balance with their schedules and life in general.

It will be hard, yes. Stressful, most likely.

But it won’t be the end of the world, and just because there may be some struggles ahead doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the coming weeks.  

The best way to handle an upset like this is to power through, whether it’s by focusing all your newfound free time on a hobby or catching up on TV, spending some rare time at home with your kids or by pushing the boundaries of your creativity and trying something new. 

Not everything will be a winner – I bought a sketch book Tuesday, thinking it would be great fun to brush up on my drawing skills again, only to put it down after about an hour. A waste of $5, perhaps. But I’m glad I took the leap, because if there’s one thing I really don’t want, it’s to get to the other side of this whole situation and feel like I didn’t make the best use of my time.

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