School sports season is dawning on Lincoln County and the entire country as students get back into the swing of things.

Maybe it is nostalgia but for me there’s an indescribable feeling at the beginning of fall. 

Things are changing: leaves, schedules, weather. 

Maybe I remember from my youth the season so fondly because it finally offered respite from oppressive summer heat.

This time of year in my hometown, college football reigns supreme.

People schedule their lives around UT football: it’s the economy, the free market, the prosperity of the city and its people. There is hope this time of year. Hope that the success of days of old will be achieved. 

Maybe, and for the past several years it has been a considerable maybe, we’ll repeat the magic of 1998.

And there’s hope that whomever we’ve got heading up the team that year, and it’s been a constant struggle since Fulmer, can deploy and motivate those “5 star” recruits wisely and sufficiently to where they’ll give it their best go.

The feeling at the beginning of the season is much different than the feeling halfway through the season.

If the key word for early season is hope, than the key word for mid to late season around UT football has been hopelessness: despondency, melancholy, irritation and disappointment.

I’m not an actual football fan.

What I like, what interests me, are the tight knit, but welcoming, communities. As long as you’re rooting for the boys in orange and white, you’re good by me: you’re a friend.

I’m looking forward to covering Lincoln County sports this season and meeting the athletes, coaches and fans that are part of these communities. 

But don’t be mad if I’m wearing my orange and white and not old gold and purple come Friday.

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