COVID-19 changed the way many of us celebrated Mother's Day last weekend.

Some people were able to see their mothers in person at their homes, even through facemasks. Others were able to see them through FaceTime, or speak to them on the phone.

Unfortunately, many people can only celebrate their mothers in memory, for they are no longer with us, but they are celebrated, so it is time well-spent.

My parents are 13 hours and a time zone away, so I had a long phone call with my mom on Mother's Day, but I kept in contact with her over the weekend in a way only I could do it, a way that got on her last nerves when I was a kid.

Last Friday night, I live streamed the 1983 martial arts classic "Shaolin vs. Wu Tang" on my laptop. My father took me to see this movie when I eight years old - and it fostered a lifelong love of Kung Fu flicks. 

On weekends, Dad and I would watch "Kung Fu Theatre" on the USA Network, and I would always attempt to talk faster than the words like they were, not knowing at the time what dubbing was, then trying to do it to Mom, who would always get irritated at me for doing it.

Dad thought it was funny. Mom didn't.

As I got older, I started doing the funny voices that went along with the bad dubbing from all of those Kung Fu movies. Mom went from being mad to just being resigned to the opinion her oldest son has "no sense whatsoever."

To this very day, when I'm home, if I'm home and she sees me watching Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon (my favorite movie), she laughs, shakes her head and walks out of the room without saying a word.

Now that I've set up the story with the trip down memory lane, fast forward to last weekend, while I was watching "Shaolin vs. Wu Tang," I texted my mother movie clips with commentary knowing what her reaction would be. 

Never in my life had I heard my mother laugh harder than she laughed that night. There are only so many times one can hear the lines "If what you say is true, the Shaolin and the Wu Tang could be dangerous... Shaolin shadowboxing and the Wu Tang sword style" in a lifetime without taking them as an inside family joke - or the rap group Wu Tang Clan's "36 Chambers" CD that got played way too much in my military days

In the end, I was glad I could make my mother laugh, even if was social distancing from a time zone away. I had a long time to think about how to make Mother's Day kind of interesting for my mom, knowing I couldn't being there, but I don't do plans well. 

Mom knows I do almost everything by the seat of my pants. Sometimes it worked out well, and other times it got me grounded - and worse.

She wished she could have grounded me for this prank, but instead we talked for a couple of hours about all the times she did ground me for all of the other pranks I perpetrated over a long and infamous childhood.

This is why we love our mothers. Only one other person could have put up with decades of our shenanigans without killing us.  

This is dedicated to all the women out there who gave birth to us, and even though we're on our own, still take care of us in their own way.