Momo Monster

Momo Monster

The night is dark and the moon hidden by the clouds as you go for your evening walk along the riverside. When you are suddenly overcome by the wretched odor much like rotten eggs. A sound like leaves crunching underfoot causes you to turn, but there is nothing there. A chill runs up and down your spine as your hair stands on end, behind you a twig snaps. You spin around and are face to face with the legendary Momo Monster. It’s huge hairy body looms over you, and it’s bright orange eyes shine in the dim moonlight, as you fear that you may be taking your last breath.

Don’t go out at night or he will come for you!

Momo is the local legend similar to the Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest. He was so popular back in the seventies that they wrote a song about him and even made a low budget horror movie called ‘Momo the Missouri Monster’. I tracked down the movie to watch it, it wasn’t easy as it never had a large public release. I didn’t understand why until I watched it. It may have stunk worse than the actual monster himself. There have also been a few books written on the subject and even several documentaries (one of which I actually managed to sit down and watch the entire production).

Momo is reported to have a large pumpkin shaped head with a furry body. He has long black hair that looks like a shaggy rug which hangs down and covers his eyes. He is said to stand around seven feet tall, and to have a terrible musky odor. The first public report was made in 1971 near Louisiana, Missouri. That report was made by Joan Mills and Mary Ryan. It is said that Momo liked the Mississippi River because all the reports at that time came from right along the river.

The most well known report of Momo took place in the afternoon of July11th 1972. It was a hot afternoon with a slow warm wind. Eight year old Terry Harrison and his five year old brother Wally were playing in their backyard at the foot of Marzolf Hill on the outskirts of Louisiana, Missouri. Their older sister Doris was inside the house when she heard her brothers screaming. She looked out the bathroom window and was shocked and horrified by what she saw. There was a huge black hairy man-like creature standing by a tree, his huge hands clutching the bloody corpse of a dog. The creature was at least seven feet tall and it’s head sat right on it’s shoulders, like it didn’t have a neck at all. It’s head was big and round like a pumpkin, and out from behind it’s shaggy black hair were two brightly glowing orange eyes.

What the children described that day has painted an image in our minds as to what we will always picture as Momo The Missouri Monster.

But I am sure you are asking yourself, ‘Louisiana is in Pike County, What does this have to do with Lincoln County?’

Let me tell you. On June 30th 1972, not even a full month before the Harrison children’s sighting there was a sighting right here in Lincoln County. Two young men from Troy were out at a secluded area of the Cuivre River. These two men named Tim and Vaughn had spent the day fishing from a high bank that overlooked a lower bank on the opposite side of the river. As Vaughn stood to take a break the two notice an awful smell in the air. Vaughn looked around and saw what he thought was a naked hairy hippie walking along the opposite side of the river.

Vaughn hollered at Tim to look at the Hippie who he figured must have been on some of that wacky tobacco. Tim jumped up and looked, but he knew it wasn’t a hippie. The creature was much taller than a normal man and was covered with hair all over. And it too looked as if it’s head sat right on it’s shoulders. Both men tried to come down the bank to get a better look, but the creature turned and charged right for them causing the men to panic and flee for their lives.

It was July of 1972 when a second report comes from a man and woman from West Virginia, who were passing through Missouri. They had stopped at Logan Conservation Area in northern Lincoln County to stretch their legs. When they left their vehicle they smelled something that smelled like an entire family of skunks. When they looked around they saw him standing there, his big pumpkin head and glowing candle eyes let them know who he was. He was nearly seven feet tall and had to weigh four-hundred pounds. He ran for them and they ran straight for their car.

They barely made it inside when he reached it and shook their car and tormented them for thirty minutes before finally tiring of them and disappearing back into the woods from which he had come.

Whether you are in the Pike County hills of the Lincoln County forests there are some spooky stories. And back before the Momo and Bigfoot stories there were plenty of stories of lights in the sky. Either way ‘Don’t go out into the night’ is what they would tell you.

Isaiah 56:9

Come, all you beasts of the field, come and devour, all you beasts of the forest! 

Ezekiel 34:25

“I will make with them a covenant of peace and banish wild beasts from the land, so that they may dwell securely in the wilderness and sleep in the woods. 

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