As a constituent I am embarrassed and ashamed of Rep. Luetkemeyer’s vote against the resolution to condemn the President’s racist attacks – now in their fourth consecutive day [as of writing this letter] – against his freshman colleagues in the House.

It should be easy to condemn racism whenever and wherever we see it, even if it is coming from the President. Especially if it is coming from the President.

Our diversity is our strength, and the Representative’s lack of courage and refusal to defend that diversity shows that he has no interest in working for Americans as long as Donald Trump is in power. Missourians deserve  a better representative than we have in Mr. Luetkemeyer. 

Our district may be majority white, but it is not all white. 

When he fails to defend his colleagues against the President’s racism, he is signaling that he does not work for all of his constituents as he is mandated to do. We are the Show-Me State. I’d like to see him show us he has a backbone by putting our country and constituents over party.

Annessa Thornton • Troy 



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