My family and I don't agree on much - even sports.

I've been a New York Giants fan for as long as I can remember. Phil Simms, Lawrence Taylor and my second cousin (for real), Harry Carson, were my idols.

Mom and Dad, on the other hand, have been Washington (I hope it's alright to say it) Redskins fans for over a half-century. Long before the Carolina Panthers arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1995, the Carolinas have belonged to the "Nation's Capital," and NFL fans over the age of 50 in the area are still supporters of the team.

For decades, Native American groups have petitioned for the Redskins to change its name. Those requests have fallen on deaf ears - until now.

Current events have led to controversial symbols being removed, and the names of controversial people being removed as well. The Confederate flag has been removed from military bases, state and federal facilities and even NASCAR. Monuments to the Confederacy are being removed, and there is now a strong push to rename military bases named after Confederate generals.

My parents completely agree with these actions - and so do I. While those symbols are pieces of history, personally, they glorify an era of history where not everyone had the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed under the Declaration of Independence.

However, they don't agree with changing the name of their favorite football team. Though Mom's side of the family is loaded with Native American DNA, and I even share Native American features because of it, Mom and Dad both asked me "when does it end?"

The renaming trend has picked up steam since the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer a few months ago. Princeton University has dropped President Woodrow Wilson's name from several buildings, as well as the removal of his statue because of his racist history.

There is a strong push to rename John Wayne Airport in California, as well as the removal of his statue from his alma mater, the University of Southern California. This stems from an infamous 1971 interview the actor gave to Playboy Magazine where he admitted he was a white supremacist and made disparaging comments about African-Americans.

Locally, the Christopher Columbus statue was removed from Tower Grove Park, which is in my old neighborhood in St. Louis City.

A fringe group has called to not only bring down the King Louis IX statue in Forest Park in St. Louis, but rename the city itself because the medieval French monarch, who was later canonized by the Catholic Church, persecuted Jews and Muslims during his reign - and is now seen as anathema to modern values.

Since 1944, the Most Valuable Player Award in Major League Baseball has been named for Kenesaw Mountain Landis, the sport's first commissioner. However, Landis was an ardent segregationist who kept African-American players out of baseball.

Jackie Robinson finally broke the color barrier in 1947, nearly three years after Landis' death.

Now players are calling for the removal of Landis' name from the National and American League trophies, a precedent established by the Boston Red Sox when the team returned Yawkey Way to its original name of Jersey Street because of the former owner's history of racism. The Red Sox were the last Major League team to integrate, finally doing it in 1962.

As for the Redskins, they wouldn't be the first Washington team to change its name. The Washington Wizards were once known as the "Bullets" before changing their name due to the violent connotation given off by the name - and the city's reputation as the "Murder Capital of the U.S." at the time.

If not being aligned with violence was the true motivation, the team should have dropped the "Washington" instead, but I digress.

Who's next? What's next on the chopping block? You could feasibly remove every president's name from a monument, because none of them were perfect. Washington and Jefferson were slave owners, so will our money change? There already is a strong petition to remove Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill.

As long as it still spends, I can care less who's on the money personally, and neither do the strippers.

Hollywood is filled with scandalous characters. Are we planning on removing their names from the Walk of Fame? Are we planning to tear down Grauman's Chinese Theater and dig up the concrete handprints?

It's not a matter of "if" at this point the Redskins are going to change their name at this point, however, but "when." Many will be happy about it, but just as many will be angry.

One thing is for certain: fans of the team - and the NFL - will still be watching regardless, no matter what they say to the contrary.