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A certified wiz at playing tabletop war games and binge-watching anime, I spend far too much time on the internet. Also I run a couple of newspapers.

It feels like the national news cycle is caught in a big time loop and we are constantly being shunted backwards to repeat 2016 and the ensuing years over and over again.

People are shouting “collusion” and “impeach” and “lock him up” – there’s even talk Hillary Clinton may run for president again, which would really sell the illusion. 

That feeling of repeating the recent past really hit home for me yesterday, as I was perusing the news and was reading articles from not-so-unbiased news sources about the first wave of witnesses testifying in the Ukraine impeachment inquiry. 

The way one particular article was written, the author salivating over the supposed gravitas and steadfast manner of one of the witnesses in the inquiry gave me hardcore deja vu of the Mueller investigation.

During that too, reporters and talking heads gawked at Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller like he was a gilded god come down from Mount Olympus. The Youtube compilations of that are a little cringe in hindsight, and I’m still not sure if the Mueller Prayer Candles being sold were actually a joke or not.

Whatever your thoughts on President Trump and the situation with Ukraine – and there are serious questions that need to be answered regarding  his conduct in that – from a chessboard perspective, the Democrats sacrificed their queen too early. 

The American public has seen this song and dance before, and far too recently for it to have the impact that’s needed.

Since Trump was elected, people have been calling for his impeachment, either claiming he’s just too crude to be president, or pointing to his alleged ties to Russia and the investigation into whether that country interfered in our elections. 

And right on the heels of the Mueller report and it’s lack of exciting findings, the situation in Ukraine drops, and right away parts of the media and Democrats have picked up the impeachment narrative again, right down to fawning over some government employees that might be able to damage Trump. 

In the 2016 election, Trump proved he’s basically coated in Teflon. No matter how bad the accusation, how vulgar the leaked audio or how blunt his public statements were, he squeaked on by to the finish line.

Going for a “second time’s the charm” approach and alleging corruption regarding Ukraine is not going to stick. Unless there is really clear evidence that surfaces, the Republican-majority Senate will not remove the President from office. And trying to push an impeachment without really hard-cut evidence will only fuel Trump’s ability to point left and shout, “Witchhunt.”

Sadly it’s too late to change history. We aren’t actually in a time loop, and there’s no way to change the Democrat’s strategy from the past four years. All that’s left is to see if things will be different this time.

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