Shawn Singleton

Last year, I walked in 2021 with the attitude “new year, new me.”

Why not? 2020 was a hell of a ride for all of us, especially me, and I was ready to turn the page, and try the whole “turn a new leaf” thing.

There was a major problem with that entire line of thinking for me, however. 2020 wouldn’t let go of me, not mentally, but physically.

I contracted COVID-19 in November of 2020. We’re not going to go into those details, or relive how awful that was, however, the symptoms from it lasted well into 2021.

The novel coronavirus didn’t finish writing its final chapters of Shawn Singleton’s pain until the end of February. By that point, Lincoln County had sworn in a new sheriff and a new coroner, and the refs helped Tom Brady win another Super Bowl!

I had lost two full months of 2021 and learned a valuable lesson about years – as well as making resolutions about them.

The first two months of a year are nothing more but a continuation of the previous year. Anything that happens in January and February are part of December, like an extended Christmas nightmare that won’t end, or a perfect dream sequence.

It’s all about perspective. It’s what you make of it.

By March, it’s still pretty chilly, but the year is in full swing and you’re ready to take advantage of anything and everything ahead of you.

Now, let’s talk about those “resolutions” that I know we’re all going to break. I only made one plan for 2022: SURVIVE IT!!!

That means get through all this weird weather Missouri has had so far, and will likely continue to have – because this is far from over. Seriously, do you honestly believe 2021 is through with us in the realm of meteorological weirdness? 

Getting to March safely and relatively unscathed is the first part of my plan!

Once I’m there, it’s all about the rest of the year. There are still all of the other things to deal with around here.

You know, the “Lincoln County Weather Vortex,” or unpredictable people who drive like snails when the weather is perfect, then think it’s Daytona, Darlington or Indy as soon that same weather turns nasty (you know who you are) or worse even – DEER: the dumbest animals on the face of the earth!

I still have to drive to and from home everyday!

And what if want to go to St. Louis? I lived in the city for years, so I know how to protect myself, but I don’t tempt fate either.

How about if I want to see family back east? I officially visit them in February, which is technically still 2021 on my clock, so I’m being extra-careful here. 

The TSA is the single most-useless governmental agency in America. It seems its primary goal is to make you miss your flights under the guise of keeping you safe from terrorism.

Like I said, it’s all about officially reaching 2022 – and getting to 2023.

Once I finally get through all of this, I have to go through another election – and another holiday season – before doing this all over again!

As calamitous as the last couple of years have been, one could easily see how a person could be a little gun-shy about New Year’s “resolutions.” 

After a while, there’s nothing really to dread. Blink, and it’s officially March.

Blink again, it’s summer.

Blink again, it’s fall.

Blink again, it’s “New Year’s!”

And we’re doing this all over again!