As the oldest military force in our nation’s history, the National Guard dates back to the pre-Revolutionary War militias in the colonies. This year actually marks its 385th birthday. The National Guard seal features a Minuteman as a tribute to how quickly and effectively the National Guard can mobilize and respond to threats. 

Our state’s National Guard is over 11,000 troops strong with Missourians who serve both our community and country. If there is a national emergency or their service is necessary somewhere around the world during wartime or on a peacekeeping mission, the President can ask these civilian soldiers to deploy. And when Missouri faces a statewide emergency like a major flood or tornado, they are some of the first people to respond and help get our communities back on their feet. 

Over the past year, the men and women of the National Guard have assisted both our state and our nation in some extraordinary circumstances. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the National Guard has played an integral role in assisting our state and local governments with various tasks from building temporary hospital facilities, providing logistical support for the Missouri Food Bank, and helping administer and distribute the vaccine as quickly as possible. And following the events at the Capitol on January 6, Governor Parson deployed the Missouri National Guard to Washington, D.C. They have helped with security, communications, medical evacuation, logistics and safety alongside district and federal agencies. 

Last week, I met with the Missouri National Guard and discussed all the great work the Guard has been doing, especially dealing with the unusual situations our nation has found itself in over the past year. Our state could not have gotten through the pandemic without the help of the National Guard. From their early response to their continued service today as vaccines are being distributed and life gets back to normal, I cannot overstate the critical role they have played in all of our lives. Missouri is so fortunate to have these brave men and women who put our state and the nation before themselves at a moments’ notice. I am forever grateful for their service and hope you’ll join me in thanking them for their unwavering bravery and selflessness. 

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