Presidents’ Day was originally created to observe the birthdays of two of our nation’s greatest Presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. And while it is now more of a holiday to celebrate all Americans who have served as President, it is also a good excuse to honor the memories and contributions of these great Americans who left such lasting impacts on this country.

To say that President George Washington is an American hero would be an understatement. Often referred to as the “Father of America,” he led our nation to independence during the Revolutionary War and played a critical role in creating our country’s government system. Not only did he help draft the Constitution, he took a young nation made up of just eleven colonies and appointed a cabinet, nominated a Supreme Court justice, established a national bank, and served two terms as President. Five more colonies joined the nation under his Presidency and after serving two terms, he stepped down to allow someone else to serve which set the precedent for Presidents throughout history. 

President Abraham Lincoln is another American figure who left a lasting legacy and played an integral role in the shaping of our nation. Serving as President during the Civil War, he was tasked with leading our country during the biggest moral dilemma America has ever been faced with. By issuing the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing all slaves and abolishing slavery for good, he ultimately brought the Union and Confederacy together and created one unified nation. President Lincoln’s life was cut short, but his years as President are some of the most consequential in our nation’s history. 

One of my favorite Presidents, Ronald Reagan, was also born in February. He was an optimist who wholeheartedly believed in this country and it showed in his policies. President Reagan is best known for putting an end to the Cold War, tearing down the Berlin Wall, historic tax reform, and the War on Drugs. Presidents’ Day is a good time to look back at our history and the many ways different Presidents have changed it and honor all 46 Presidents who have served our nation in this incredibly important position. But it is also a national holiday and a good excuse to spend time with family and children who have the day off school, perhaps in the snow after all the weather we’ve had lately. I wish you all a safe and relaxing Presidents’ Day!  

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