This week the Governor gave his State of the State address. Some of Governor Parson’s proposals included. 

• Combating violent crime by providing greater protection for victims and witnesses, providing more mental health resources and services, and strengthening laws to target violent criminals.

• Providing full funding once again for the School Foundation Formula and increasing school transportation funding.

  Strengthening the state’s early childhood offerings to better prepare Missouri children for success. Parson noted that Missouri recently received a $33.5 million preschool development grant aimed at creating a more effective, high-quality early learning system. 

• Increasing opportunities for high-demand job training at the high school level. Parson announced his administration is seeking a $750,000 investment to certify approximately 12,000 new high school students as work-ready through the WorkKeys program. 

• Increasing Bright Flight and A+ Scholarship funding by $5.3 million.

• Allocating an additional $19 million for the MoExcels Workforce Training Initiative. 

• Making key investments in Missouri’s infrastructure, including $4 million in disaster recovery funds and another $50 million for the transportation cost-share program. 

• Setting aside $100 million to use in case of financial emergencies. The fund would be supplemented by Wayfair collections if lawmakers approve legislation to require online retailers to collect sales tax on purchases made in Missouri.

I certainly hope we can do more to address criminals as opposed to making more regulations for honest citizens. Making sure our education system is strong is also very important. I think we, as a state, need to keep adjusting to the ever-changing job market and equip our kids for success. Whether that be traditional college, trade school or directly into the workforce. 

As far as infrastructure goes, I would still like to see some oversight of day to day operations. Everyone agrees that the government is not very efficient, but no one wants to address it. That’s one of those things I don’t understand about this place!

Recently I was talking to someone in leadership about running for the Senate someday. He commented that he thought I hated being there sometimes. My answer was that I loved the job and the chance to work for the people, but what I hate is the fact that we spend WAY too much time not focused on the people! It’ss obvious big money comes first in government. That’s what upsets me more than anything! 

I want to end by saying what a privilege it has been working with Mayor Cross. As most of you know, he has stepped down this week. Mark is what I call a “stand up guy.” He has always kept in contact with me and let me know what’s going on. Whether you always agreed with him or not, Troy was lucky to have him, and I am honored to know him! 

It’s an honor to serve you in the Missouri House. If you would like to discuss an issue, please call (573) 751-9459. You can also email me at I look forward to hearing from you.