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Early last week, Troy lost two of its own in a car crash on Highway 47 – a tragic and sudden accident that only added to an already sad summer for the community. 

Two long-time friends sat down for lunch at a sushi restaurant. 

I have issues with bulk food.

America’s future generations are often asked what they want to be when they grow up. Depending upon whether you’re asking a child or a teenager, answers will vary from “a princess” to “a firefighter” to “a lawyer” or even “the President.” However, as we prepare America’s children for the fut…

It’s been a dark week for Americans – really for just about everyone in this hemisphere – and our wonderful politicians are doing everything in their power to pick at the scabs and make things worse.

I listened to a podcast recently – a soccer podcast – where the hosts picked a soccer team from characters from the television show “Parks and Rec.” In the standard 4-4-2 formation, a soccer team is comprised, on the field, of a goalkeeper, four defenders, four midfielders and 2 forwards: 11…

Starting Oct. 1, 2020, Missourians who want to fly domestically will need a REAL ID-compliant driver license or identification card. The Missouri Department of Revenue began offering compliant licenses and identification cards in March in an effort to satisfy requirements of the federal REAL…

The time will come – somewhere in the stark, icy blast of winter – when I will miss them. The summertime bounty of my tomato garden will be a favorite memory. My mouth will water as I remember reaching toward the sticky/fuzzy plants in our back yard and plucking my taste buds’ desire from the vine.

What a pair of debates! One so boring I almost fell asleep, and the other full of so many amazing moments. I could use five times the space to talk about all the things that happened, but really what grabbed my attention the most through the whole five-hour stretch (over both nights) were th…

So I’m flying solo for a couple weeks, while my lovely and gracious wife is visiting family. Put another way, I’m playing the part of Old Guy All Alone, which translates into lots of roadside stops for food because (it turns out) I am incapable of cooking my own meals.

A question that I hear get tossed out a lot, one that I am sure everyone has faced at some point in their lives and one that I am sure has been and will continue to be a hotbed for debate, argument, deep thought and longing: If you could have a superpower what would it be?

My car rolls to a stop in my driveway. I watch the gray, lifeless dust whirl around my tires. Turning off the ignition, I listen to the air conditioner wheeze a death rattle. As I reach for the door handle, I feel it. It’s right outside. Waiting.

From a first job, to saving for a car, to starting a family, to planning for retirement, throughout our lives we are taught the importance of budgeting and reminded of the consequences of missed deadlines or unrestrained spending. Year after year, it is apparent that some in Washington D.C. …

The final week of July, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the details of its 2019 Market Facilitation Program (MFP). This is the second edition of the program created by the Trump Administration in 2018 to assist farmers and ranchers after trade battles affected their products.

The shift key on my keyboard is halfway broken. If I push down on the left side of it, it will not read the input unless I press it down hard. It’s lost that tactile “click” feel too, and just feels kind of gross to press.

While I often share this space with (what I hope is) sound business or marketing advice, you may have noticed that there is rarely if ever any mention of advertising rates, programs or specials. For that matter, I can’t think of the last time I mentioned this newspaper by name.

Forty hours a week, nine-five everyday with little to no slack. That’s like a crazy high percentage of our waking hours. 

When I was young, everybody knew how to win a man’s heart. My mother, like everybody else’s mother, told me that men loved a good meal. So I always asked my date to take me to a fancy restaurant. They had good food there. 

To my fellow taxpayers in Lincoln County, I urge you to vote “No” on the Ambulance District’s Prop Ambulance proposed 35 cents per $100 valuation property tax increase for the following reasons:

While there are plenty of local places to recycle paper, cardboard and plastic bags, there is no place to recycle glass, hard plastics or cans in Troy. The recycling bin near the jail has been removed. This means that we now have to drive to St. Charles County in Wentzville if we want to rec…

As a constituent I am embarrassed and ashamed of Rep. Luetkemeyer’s vote against the resolution to condemn the President’s racist attacks – now in their fourth consecutive day [as of writing this letter] – against his freshman colleagues in the House.

From Main Street to Silicon Valley, American innovation is made possible by our nation’s unique economic freedom. With American entrepreneurs, small business owners, and consumers continuing to take advantage of our flourishing economy, President Trump hosted a “Made in the USA” showcase at …

U.S. politics has gotten so bananas, I just love laughing at it sometimes. Often I can’t help myself. It’s partly my inner troll, and partly human nature, where you just can’t look away from a disaster.