Troy’s Economic Development Committee will meet on Jan. 29 to continue discussions about improving and connecting business opportunities in the area. 

The committee, headed by the Troy Chamber of Commerce, met several times last year with positive results, and plan to continue to do so as they work towards their goal— formulating action plans that Troy can take to keep and grow current businesses, as well as attract new ones. 

Martin Hanley, Director of the Pike-Lincoln Technical Center and one of the members of the committee, shared some of his personal goals for the upcoming meeting.

“I want to get a better handle on what the Troy business community wants and needs. I also would like to know what the resident’s want and will support. While we can ask for so many different growth options, which ones will truly be supported by the residents and business owners is important to know,” Hanley said.

One of the biggest positive results of past meetings is the connections that have been made between businesses that work in the same industry. 

“One of the meetings concentrated on infrastructure, utilities and the like. At that meeting individuals met their counterparts from other utilities for the first time and exchanged contact information and discuss what they needed from each other to make a project go smoother,” Troy Mayor Mark Cross said. Cross is another member of the committee. “Another thing that has happened because of discussions is that myths, rumors and misinformation has been corrected or dispelled. No more of ‘I was told you couldn’t do this or that,’ which always helps,” Cross said.

Several of the meetings have also invited more general business owners and managers in to hear their thoughts and opinions on what can improve. One recurring theme is the need for more office space in Troy, along with emphasizing that there is a positive future for new businesses wanting to expand in the city.

“When the Chamber first put together this Economic Development Committee this past year, I’m not confident that we knew exactly how or what needed to be done in terms of growth,” Hanley said, “The meetings that we have had, and are continuing to have, are helping to provide that direction. The community input has been invaluable.”

The final purpose of the meetings taking place now is to learn what the city of Troy can do to follow through on the discoveries made.

“I hope that when the time comes to put together an action plan that the city and the committee will have worked out the details so that we will be able to follow through on those suggestions that are doable,” Cross said.